Asian looking Russian girl for a romantic relationship with a foreign man

With Slavic women becoming increasingly popular around the globe, many western men explore the possibilities on Russian dating sites. As a rule, they have a certain idea about the typical appearance of a Russian girl – slim body, blonde or light brown hair, blue or green eyes, high cheek bones, and a straight-edged nose. But in reality, there is no such thing as typical looks of a Russian woman. There are plenty of ethnic groups in Russian Federation, and you can see a vast array of different types of appearance across the country. If you’d like to find Russian Asian girl, check out international dating sites.

Russian Asian girl for dating and marriage abroad

There are plenty of profiles by women from the Asian part of Russia Generally speaking, they have a distinctive Asian appearance, but retain the character traits of an average Slavic girl. In other words, they possess all the qualities you’re looking for in a Russian wife: they’re good-looking, intelligent, well-read, family oriented, devoted, loving and caring. If this sounds like a woman you’d like to meet, let’s talk about Asian girls from Russia in more detail.

Geographic locations

Russia is a huge country with population of around 150 million people. It’s spread over a vast stretch of land both in the European and Asian parts of the Eurasian continent. Apart from people of Slavic origin, there are representatives of numerous ethnic groups in Russia. The largest of them include Tatars, Udmurts, Mordvins, and Kazakhs. The majority of them have Asian appearance: straight black hair, almond shaped eyes, wide cheek bones, small nose and kind of flat face. Lots of Asian girls from Russia are stunningly good-looking.

People from abroad are not aware of this ethnical diversity in Russia, that’s why the abundance of Asian looking women on dating sites comes as a surprise.


If you are interested in getting to know them better, we would suggest to gear your searches towards Kazan – the capital of Tatarstan. It’s a fairly large city with a developed infrastructure for tourists, so a foreigner who comes to Russia for the first time won’t have any issues finding a place to stay or eat. Besides, Kazan is an interesting city with merging European and Asian traditions, and plenty of things to see. Women in Kazan boast a deep commitment to family values, positive character traits and beautiful external looks.

Udmurtia, Chuvashia, Mordovia, and Bashkiria

Women from Udmurtia, Chuvashia, Mordovia, and Bashkiria are pretty similar to Tatar girls. Apart from that, a Russian Asian girl can be easily found in any big city throughout the country: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Tomsk and so on.


Yakutia is a large Siberian country, located 450 km from the Arctic Circle. In spite of the vast territory, Yakutia has a very low population density. Women from this region are famed for their endurance and strength of spirit.

Asian diaspora

Also, there are lots of people from Asian countries who live in Russia. For some of them it’s only a temporary stay while working or studying, for others Russia has become a permanent place of living. Here you can meet girls from China, Japan, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Korea and so on.

Meet Russian Asian women for dating and marriage

How can you meet a Russian Asian girl?

There are two ways to meet an Asian girl from Russia – online and in real life. If you’re interested in getting to know a person online before setting up a face-to-face meeting, there are plenty of options you can go for. The first thing that comes to mind when one mentions online dating is Tinder or Facebook app. But the problem is that these apps operate locally, and your chances to meet Russian Asian girls in your area are negligible.

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That’s why we would recommend joining an international dating site which is focused on dating women from the Eastern European countries. There are plenty of dating platforms all over the internet, but you’d better avoid free and pay-per-letter sites as these have proven to be scams.

A trustworthy and reputable dating site will have all the tools and facilities for a safe and pleasant dating experience. Use their search system to find profiles of Russian Asian women, read them carefully and send messages to those you like best.

If you prefer to meet a Russian Asian girl in real life, one sure way is to make trip to Russia. You can either approach women on the streets, in public transport, cafes, restaurants and other places, or use the services of a local marriage agency. Ask them whether they have Asian looking girls in their catalogues and set up dates with a few of them.

Asian looking Russian girls – what are they like?

If you expect an Asian girl to be a subservient and docile person whose primary desire is to please you, you’d better stop searching right away. Although many women of Asian origin are still committed to ancient traditions and old-fashioned gender roles, they do progress with the rest of the world.

Globalisation has influenced them in a positive way, and a typical Asian girl of today is not merely a devoted mother and wife – she’s an interesting and ambitious personality. With a woman like that, you’ll never be bored or intellectually stagnated – they are as well-read and intelligent as the rest of the women in Russia.


Beautiful Asian looking woman from Russia searching for love abroad

Just like hot Russian girls of Slavic origin, Asian looking girls give a lot of importance to their appearance. They are taught a good self-care since they are very small, and keeping their external looks attractive is a matter of personal pride for them. While some of them (predominantly in rural areas) do wear national costumes, the majority of Asian girls prefer stylish contemporary outfits and aesthetically pleasing makeup. Their hair is always styled and beautifully done, and they choose the most attractive accessories to emphasise the statement they want to make with their choice of clothes.

Personality traits

Asian looking girls in Russia share a similar upbringing with Slavic women. They have lots in common when it comes to character traits. An average Russian Asian girl is thoughtful, devoted, modest, sincere and straightforward. She’s committed to her family and a perfect housewife. She’s intelligent and accomplished enough to be successful in her professional field, but would always choose family over career. She’s an excellent cook and homemaker. She’s tolerant and understanding.

In other words, she’s all the reasons why men like Russian women. When it comes to a romantic relationship, an Asian looking girl from Russia is faithful and devoted, and she expects the same from her partner. Of course, it’s hard to generalize with millions of Asian looking women living in Russia, but these are some of the character traits they all share.

What are the major obstacles of dating a Russian Asian woman?

International dating is never easy, and there are always some obstacles and hardships to be aware of. One of the main issues of dating Russian girls is a language barrier. The majority of people in Russia don’t speak foreign languages, even though they study some English at school.

From the other side, women who search for a husband abroad have proven to be fast learners, so if an Asian looking girl is genuinely interested in a romantic relationship with you, she’ll do her best to improve her English. Just be patient and give her some time. Apart from that, there can be some cultural and religious clashes.

Some final words

Finding a compatible Russian Asian girl is no easy task. But if you’re determined to achieve your goal, nothing will stop you. International dating is so much easier today than it was a few decades back.