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Men all over the Globe grow fascinated by women from Russia more and more, since they discovered that ladies from this particular country are so gorgeous. Surely, any gentleman, who ever found this fetish in him, thought at least once, how cool it would be to date a Russian.

And here comes the obstacle: Russia. In order to visit the country, a citizen of EU or US must obtain a Russian visa, issued by Russian consulates and embassies. And then, there’s still a popular belief that the state is just a little brother of USSR. Not every fellow democrat would travel all the way in the ‘Empire of Evil’ to find a girlfriend.

However, there is a gap for those ready to spend some resources to get hold of a bit of love for a week or a month. Maybe a year, if you’re lucky. Here’s the list of places, where you can travel (or walk, if you’re lucky) and guaranteed find Russian women to date. And while you’re at it, make sure, you know, how to impress a girl, when you find one.

Disclaimer: in case you’re wondering, why anyone would do such stupid thing – maybe, you don’t belong here.

Favorite touring spots

Tourist posing on a beach

That shouldn’t be a huge surprise, but Russians travel as well. It’s just that you don’t see a lot of them in your classic travel destinations, as it’s mostly Europe. That means EU, and that means Schengen area, and that means no Russians without a visa. Sure, Italy, Spain and other some other countries are quite popular, but they are generally very good for tourism.

Anyway, try looking for Russian women to date elsewhere. Here, for example:


Turkish resort are loved by Russian tourists, millions of Russians fly here to get a little rest and Sun. Antalya, Alanya, Belek, Kemer and other major Turkish resorts get visited by thousand of Russians every summer, some visit even in winter. A soft Mediterranean climate allows that.

The reason for it is that Turkey is extremely close to Russia. A few hours in airplane from Moscow and you’re there. Plus, holidays in Turkey cost much less, than travelling to France or Italy to get some Sun. Don’t forget that the Turks are so used to having Russian people around, they have long started to study Russian themselves. Europeans can’t simply do better than that.

Antalya is so popular with Russians, they even developed a huge diaspora in the city. And it means a lot, as it houses 1.2 million people itself, and twice as many in agglomeration. It is obviously the best place to have both a good rest and look for Russian women to date.

As mentioned before, you have a few time-options here: either come in summer or in winter holidays. Touring season usually start in July in Russia, but some people come here on Christmas holidays to avoid a crippling cold.


Finland is one of the countries Russian tourists adore. The country is incredible for skiing and other snow-demanding activities. She is also statistically amazing: 3.3 million Russians visit the snowy country every year. While the constant population of Finland equals 5.5 mil. It’s just a couple of numbers, but they can show you, how big the chances are to meet Russian women to date here.

Russians largely stick to the general flow of tourists, passing through the capital, Helsinki. The second most liked destination is Lapland. It’s the foremost northern part of Finland and, therefore, one of the most northern continental regions of Europe. But looking for a Russian-speaking company here is like looking for a needle in a haystack. You may try a place nevertheless, it is absolutely beautiful.

The biggest number of Russians travels here on Christmas and New Year holidays, which, no doubt, Finland is perfect for spending. 100.000 Russians prefer visiting Finland on those.

Russian female tourist in China


2 million Russians choose China as a place of cultural recreation every year. Considering other popular destinations, it’s quite an amount. It means that there will be a lot of Russian tourists, some of them even female. But there are some obstacles. On paper, it looks good. But how will you notice a European tourist, much less a Russian tourist, among the numerous natives.

Plus, the most visited Chinese cities are also the most populated. Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong. It doesn’t help at all.

Hong Kong is the safest bet, because Russians, as well as citizens of 170 other states may enter Hong Kong’s territory without a visa. Just seek out one of the city’s multiple foreign blocks and enjoy.

But the question is: what insane man would prefer China over Russia in looking for Russian women to date?


Italy has recently become rather favored by guests from the East. A Russian gibberish may often be heard in Florence, Rome, Napoli, as Russians flock here by thousands each year (namely, 900.000 every year). The country is a well-known tourist attraction. Everyone knows that, but what’s so special in it for Russians?

First of all, the prices here are much lower, than in most well-developed European countries (and that’s a very important point). Secondly, there’s genuinely no animosity between Russians and Italians. This is surprising, considering the cold attitude towards Russian tourists in much of the continent.


Same numbers go to the Kingdom of Spain, the recreational hub for a big chuck of Europe. Something like a million of tourists from Russia flies here every 12 months. Keep in mind that Spain is a little less filled with tourists, than Italy. Still very filled, but noticing a Russian in this mess will be much easier a job.

Some less pleasant countries

Ukraine & Belarus

These two little Republics are mostly considered a buffer zone between Russia and the rest of the civilized world (Europe, for short). While not giving a lot of impression to the scarred veteran of travelling, they are quite good for a ‘dating tourism’. It’s a thing, really. Don’t be so shocked, you’re making a research for your own dating abroad at the moment.

Ukraine is really not a terrible choice: Kiev, the capital, is full of Russians, who travel here to visit relatives or for any other reasons. It’s the most civilized city in Ukraine, people like westerners there, so don’t be afraid come here.

Another disclaimer: the guide is mostly aimed to help build a temporary romance, but if, by any chance, you’re seeking a constant relationship – you might use this guide as well.


There have been a few periods in the history of Russians, when a good bunch of them had to travel abroad to avoid prosecution or look for a better life. Many settled in US and Europe, and a lot still speaks Russian. In short: a smoking hot Russian girl may live right in your backyard (not literally).

United States

The Russian Diaspora in US is quite numerous, more numerous, in fact, than many countries in the world. Namely, 3 to 3.5 million people of Russian descent live here, and this number keeps on growing.

Two centers of Russian immigration in the States are Chicago and New York. A lot of Americans are familiar with the Brighton Beach through films and other media. It’s the neighborhood in the southern part of Brooklyn, New York City, and the most-spoken language here is Russian.

Chicago is abundant with Russians as well. You can almost wonder, how many Russians can fit into an American city, while visiting the metropolis. They are the largest nationality in Chicago and are spread throughout the agglomeration.

So, if you’re a proud resident of NYC of Chicago, go catch the moment.


There are 2 million people in Canada, who have a Ukrainian or a Russian background or legacy. They are spread all over the country, but there are two largest centers of the Diaspora: Ontario and Ottawa.


France is the home to 500 people, sharing Russian culture. It was one of the most preferable locations of emigration in early 19 century, being close in spirit and geographically. The most Russian city in France is, of course, Paris and the smaller cities in the Ile-de-France region.


The Russian language was the second major language in East Germany, which meant that the eastern parts of the reunified Germany are the ripe fruit for Russian emigrants. No wonder that more than 600.000 sons and daughters of Russia have chosen this country to be their new home. Many towns in East of Germany and, certainly, Berlin (the eastern blocks) are full of Russian-speakers.

A big Russian commune in Europe

Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia

These three countries are now part of the EU, but 30 years ago the people here were the proud citizens of USSR. Up to 25% of the population still consider themselves Russian. For instance, you can travel to the far North-East of Estonia and notice that nobody really speaks Estonian. And don’t worry: these three are much more European-like than other countries that border Russia.

If you didn’t find your own country or city in here (chances are, you didn’t), don’t get upset, as Russian Diaspora in the world totals about 30 mil people all over the Globe. Just keep looking. And If you’re looking for a girl through web, use this guide

In conclusion

If you ended up down here, that means, you can sacrifice a bit of your time to learn more about love… or stalking. You pick the method.

By the way, you may choose, how best to meet Russian women to date through this video: