Quest foreigners to marry Russian woman is still not quenched. In Italy, even published book “How to marry Russian woman”, which gives detailed advice on how to call Russian woman to marry and live with her after wedding. So why are foreigners so interested in Russian women?

The attractiveness of Russian women for foreigners has never been mystery. What makes men look for bride in foreign country?

Because of difference in mentality with European women.

Еhere are several advantages of Russians in eyes of men:

  • For Russian woman family and home in first place. They will always surround their man with care and attention, even if initial motive for relationship was calculation.
  • Russians are ready to sacrifice for sake of relations. They are not afraid of moving, congestion and lack of attention.
  • Very attractive for foreigners is that Russian beauties carefully monitor their appearance.
  • Russian women are ready to learn new things, it concerns both social aspects and intimate life.
  • Russian brides respect head of family, they are wise and ready to trust man.

To greater extent, foreigners are attracted to personal qualities of girls. They need love and affection, which can give Russian wife. Women, in turn, expect better life from foreigners, so they are ready to try for them and be gentle and caring.

A separate point is to highlight fact that Russian women are ready to give birth to children. Men who want to continue their family, it is necessary to look for wife of childbearing age. In Europe, girls are busier with career growth, so think about family life later.

What representatives of different nationalities are looking for

Turkish men find Russian women very attractive. Russians, unlike their compatriots, try to look bright and colorful. Most Russians have higher education, broad Outlook and rich inner world, they often become fascinating interlocutors. By way, there are quite few educated women in Turkey. Turks are often attractive to Russians too, but it happens that they can afford rudeness towards woman.

Tajiks, Arabs and Uzbeks are attracted by cardinal difference between Russians and their black-haired tanned compatriots.

In India, women spend little time after wedding, so Indians often look at Russian, who try to look good at any age.

Asian men appreciate Russian emotionality. Their women are too submissive and fearful, against their background Russian women look interesting.

The people of Caucasus Russian women seem to be easier. Russian girls are able to enjoy little things and they can be trusted.

Georgian men often pay attention to appearance of Russian women, as well as softness, ability to be gentle and feminine.

“Yeah!” you say. “How long can we talk about this?!»

I will not agree – not only it is possible, but also it is necessary. Because for those Russian girls who are legally in the United States – for family reasons, because of studies or due to legal immigration – every year there are situations that spoil their reputation. That – spy Anna Chapman, then Brooklyn Oksana – the founder of the site, which helps to find Russian seekers of female happiness of American husbands, then – catalogs with brides-by mail, and even the HAMPTON “lionesses” in search of American “dads”… Tired.

In the United States each year, thousands of women from Russia and the CIS. They hurry to come to America to earn extra money, travel and…to find a rich American husband. Yes. Yes. That’s the way. And it’s no longer a secret. For several years in a row every summer in New York, for example, and in other big cities come Russian girls to stay and the easiest way to do this – to get married.

Russian brides find happiness and there are true stories

In one Washington I can name 20 places – bars and restaurants and other places where girls from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus work. Many come to the place of “rescuers” – caretakers of city and home pools. However, many do not return home – they like it here.

In one of these homes in Washington in the pool works Olya, 20-year-old girl from Siberia. Tanned, smiling, she sits around the pool all day and watches the “floating”.

It is interesting that she looks so boring (and hard work – to sit in the sun all day) she gives pleasure: “I really like it here, it’s so cool. Americans are so friendly. A lot of American guys meet me. I’d like to stay here.…»

The same opinion is shared by Katya from the French restaurant “Bistro Francais”: “I come here for the second year. I’m from Chisinau. I like working in a restaurant. And the customers are so nice. American men I like, they know that I am Russian, I leave a big tip. Generally, they like me more than Russian men…” but never explained to me why.

But in the restaurant-bar “Stoney’s” are four girls from Russia and Ukraine. One of them had been married to an American for two years. And the rest – study in Washington universities – in the faculties of accounting and international relations – and in the evenings moonlighting as waitresses and bartenders … Two of them were not at home – in Russia for more than three years. Anya: “I’m afraid to go to Ukraine. What if they don’t let you back in? I have a student visa here. So I have to invite my mother here.”

And here is what I was told by Natalia – a waitress of the same restaurant – and a student, and just a good man: “I Think the main reason for immigration (not only for Russian girls) is the desire for change, as a rule, change for the better. The only difference is the means by which people achieve their goals. Unfortunately, for many hard work is not strong and not to their liking, and such people often try to get and improve their life situation in other ways. Perhaps because of the large Russian population, the percentage of immigrants is also quite high, so generalizations about certain qualities of personality and behaviors of Russians (including seekers of the best) are so common. Indeed, many dream of wealthy husbands, and do everything possible to get married profitable (is not this what we have been taught by Russian society for centuries?). There are also more extreme illustrations of adaptability that we draw from stories about Russians in America. For example, when two Russian girls were in an intimate relationship with their elderly landlord-disabled, not to pay for the apartment.

Natalia also told me: “the Worst thing is that those girls who go even to such “perversions” as an intimate relationship with men unpleasant to them, are themselves very attractive.” 

Such stories are shocking, but they are common enough to create a distorted image of a Russian woman.

However, “to my great happiness,” as Natalia herself says, there are no such people among her friends and acquaintances: “the Girls around me are hardworking, purposeful and independent.”

Many of those with whom I talked, asked why I decided to allocate a separate class of immigration called “people working in a restaurant”? After all, they could simply be called “girls who work”. And they work hard and tirelessly, without days off and vacations, if the situation requires it.

And I agree, it is difficult to apply the stereotype of “predators looking for rich American men”… However, many Americans will not agree with me, from whom I often hear about “predatory” girls from Russia. And they have both experience and reliable sources of information.

The article tells about young beautiful Russians who come to New York for “earnings” and spend all summer in the Hamptons. Huddled together for 10 people in a room, they are all earned in the restaurant money to buy designer clothes and accessories that – combined with youth and beauty – could attract the attention of American millionaires. “These Russian girls are everywhere. They want to find rich husbands. They want to have cars, boats… And these are not short-term plans – they are here for a long time until they achieve their goal,” says David Shapiro, the owner of the company for organizing private parties in the Hamptons.


So becomes it’s a shame for “our” those girls, which toured in the US, while looking for another happiness.

Natalia says: “some people Are tempted to work in a restaurant with a relatively free schedule and “easy money”, while for someone it is something in between. After all, most Americans also earn extra money in a restaurant while attending College, and many generally prefer to stay in the ranks of the “industry people” forever. So why do we consider it solely the fate of immigrants, in our case something common that applies to Russian girls?” This ended our conversation, because Natalia had to go back to writing school work (in order to bring the end of his restaurant present).

Philip, the founder of the restaurant-bar “One Lounge”, for example, prefers Russian girls if possible, because they work well, do not skip, interesting, and beautiful, and the male part of the clientele, largely thanks to these girls, come to him in a restaurant that offers Russian-American cuisine. On the other hand, according to Philip, the Americans have their superiority and sometimes the only thing – “they speak English better than girls from Russia and the CIS.” In the summer, he hired more than 15 girls from Russia and the CIS to work in the restaurant.

So we can go further and further but the one thing is still – foreigners are still looking for Russian brides.