Russian Asian minorities

There are two main kinds of men in the World: one really likes the Asian girls (mostly Japanese and Korean) and the other adores Russians. Sure, now and then appear the heretics with their adequate preferences, but we don’t speak about them here.

What both groups will surely find worthy of their attention is that there are Asian looking Russian women. More than that, some consider themselves Russian and even share a lot of originally East-Slavic traditions, sharing all those things we like about Russian females.

So, they’re all just Russian souls with a cute Japanese face, right? Pack your things and go meet this outstanding combo before anyone else finds out! No, wait. Not really. If you try to do anything of the sort, be cautious and make a bit of research.

Russia is in fact a multinational country, and, apart from the Russians, many Easterner ethnicities long ago chose these lands their home. It would be a fatal mistake, though, to suppose that all of these Asian looking Russian women are the same inside. We’re just going to note a few of these 150+ nationalities before you try to seize a chance and hit on some Asian looking Russian.

Who exactly are they

The Asian population of Russia is not totally native to the country. But they have lived here for centuries, and, therefore, drifted closer to the Russian culture. Many speak Russian and behave like Russians, but still largely worship Islam or their own beliefs.

The level of co-existence between the Slavic population and the minorities varies from the total cultural integration to a mere ‘live and let live’ principle. There are also groups of minorities, less than glad that they need to live in a single country with a completely alien majority. So, try to sweep your assuming nature away and be ready for everything.

Peoples native to Russia


These bad boys wandered to the European parts of Russia all the way from Mongolian steppes. After mixing with the local Turks they settled, made Russia (Rus, then) their dominion and terrorized the country for ages. It left a considerable mark on Russian culture. Tatars brought with them a bunch of new things for Slavs, both cultural and practical.

But then the Russians conquered the now settled Tatars and they came full circle. Long story short: they’ve lived side by side for seven centuries and learned much from each other.

The Tatars have their own state inside the larger Russian Federation, which means they have their own national hub. Since Tatarstan’s establishment the integration processes have been rolled back. Today Tatars mind very much, when you call them ‘Russians’.

These people practice Sunni Islam, have their own language, and that sometimes leads to tensions with their Slavic neighbors, but nothing bloody happened since the 90s.

Despite all that, Tatars, especially in Moscow, resemble Russians in many ways. While talking to an anonymous Tatar online, you’ll think that they are Russian all the way.

Picture of a Tatar woman

How to distinguish a Tatar:

  • They largely name children in Russian style, but here’re some of the originally Tatar female names: Golnur, Dilyara, Naile (the last syllable is pronounced as in soufflé), Amina;
  • The Tatars are the largest Asian Muslim ethnicity in Russia. So, if a person uses words like ‘salam’, ‘shaitan’ and other stereotypically Eastern words, chances are, she is Tatar;
  • Tatars are pretty patriotic in a way. Tatarstani symbols are quite popular among native population even outside of the country. The flag has a wide brightly-green square at the top, same square of the bright red at the bottom and the thin white line dividing them in the middle.

However, you’d have no problem connecting with Tatar woman, had you visited Kazan – the capital of Tatarstan. It is the 6th largest city in Russia and generally a nice-looking place.

Tatars are the civilized people with profound culture, greatly integrated with Russia. Nevertheless, they are proud as well. To earn a Tatar girlfriend, that’s how you need to act:

  • Do not assume that she’s a Russian, it may be a small thing, but also a grave insult;
  • Do not be too hasty, as you may be rammed pretty hard for that. Or not, depends on a person;
  • The average Tatar family is usually quite conservative. So, it’s better not to approach her, if anyone from her family is nearby;
  • It would be better if you first approached her online. It would be embarrassing for you both if she doesn’t even speak English.

Side note: if you ever hear that a person lives in Tatarstan, that doesn’t mean them Tatar. A lot of Russians live in that place as well.

If you know, how to deal with sharp cultural differences, you’ll be just fine. If you don’t – here’s the guide to it.

Yakuts (or Sakha)

Yakuts are a very numerous Siberian people. They are quite mysterious as well, because not many Europeans actually saw them. They live in the very heart of Siberia, in the vast tundra land, called Sakha (or Yakutia). The Yakuts rarely venture out to the European parts of the country, which are thousands of miles away.

Yakuts have their own beliefs, close to shamanism. This is rather unique, regarding that the closest civilized place with the shamanist religion as dominant is nowhere. And they are really good-looking as well, much closer to the Far-Eastern (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) phenotype, than to the Middle-Eastern one. You might regret about going there, or you may regret you didn’t come earlier. Try what you like, it’s just a guide.

Apart from their traditional way of life, Yakuts are mostly ‘russified’. They speak Russian and tell that they are from Russia, when asked. So, if you tried to look up the perfect combo of Asian looking Russian – this place is where you need to go.

Yakutia is a lot like Lapland, but with a Siberian overtone. It is cold in there, but the scenery is at all times gorgeous. If you ever considered taking a so-called ‘dating tourism’, write down one more destination – Yakutia.

How Yakut girls look like

Drifters from outside

Kazakhs (aka Kazaks or Qazaqs)

Kazakhs (don’t confuse with Cossacks) have rather similar ancestry with the Tatars. However, in contrast to their more European cousins, the Kazakh people have their own country way more to the South. Yes, the one from ‘Borat’, but less Iraq-like, than portrayed in the movie.

Despite having a separate country all for themselves, many people abroad call them ‘Russians’. This is incorrect and offensive, don’t do it, if you still plan to do anything of the sort. Thank you.

The economic and historical ties of the past forced many Kazakhs to move closer to Europe. The Kazakh diaspora in the Russian capital, though, isn’t that big. It’s the other regions that became quite full of these people over the last years. There’s a total of ~650.000 Kazakhs in Russia. That makes them 10th most numerous nationality of Russia.

And there’s more, they are the second largest Asian Muslim group in Russia. That makes two of them difficult to make out. But there are always ways to figure out who came from where:

  • Unlike other Turks, the Kazakh language is filled with the sounds z and zh (something like j, but a lot stronger);
  • If you try to approach the girl on the Internet, keep in mind some of the Kazakhstani cities she might point out in her profile. These are the biggest: Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Karaganda, Shymkent, Aktobe and Pavlodar.

Be wary: many people living in the North of Kazakhstan are not Kazakhs culturally. There are a lot of Russians among them.

  • There’s only about 10 thousand of them in Moscow, search them elsewhere.
Asian looking Russian from Kazahkstan


Economic crisis in the Middle Asia has driven the local population up North to Russia and Kazakhstan. Kyrgyz, Tajiks and Uzbeks are usually not accounted for and bear their own Southern identity. Many of them speak little or no Russian, and, therefore, not being called ‘Russians’ by the more Western parts of Earth.

They share both Persian and Mongoloid features, making them stand out way more, than they’d want. So, they are not just Asian looking Russian people, they are something else entirely.

It’s more of a side note. Frankly, you wouldn’t stay and Russia just to hang out with immigrants.

In conclusion

Now, hopefully, you now a bit more about a far away country called Russian Federation. Not every female that speaks Russian is Russian in truth, but there are, in fact, something like ‘Asian looking Russian women’.

But if you weighed the ‘cons’ and ‘pros’, and failed to see the benefits of these peoples – you may try to look at different countries. This video will surely help: