The cultural difference between Russian brides looking for Indian grooms and Indians man is enormous

Russian bride and Indian groom – a popular combination. A whole army of programmers, middle-aged fathers of large Indian families and bored loafers from god-forgotten towns, where there is no other entertainment besides the Internet, are hunting online. On a trip to India, every businessman, guide and even a rickshaw is ready to offer his or her hand and heart to any foreign female person without hesitation. Black-eyed students studying in Russia will give odds to any Russian in romance and emotionality. However, most often the bride remains in the wedding outfit only in her dreams.

«The behavior of an Indian in Russia can differ significantly from his behavior at home. After the wedding, especially in his homeland, everything can change, including habits, attitude to the bride, views on raising children.»

But one cannot close the door to possible happiness like this just because the likelihood of fraud and failure is very high. Russian brides looking for Indian grooms can think that her man is not like that. What is if he suggested that I marry him after a week of correspondence, not because he was chatting without thinking, but really believed that he had found a soul mate? Girls and women ask themselves questions. Only you can determine whether you are wasting your time or if it is really a matter of a happy marriage. Rather, even time will tell. Nevertheless, there are signs that can help sort out the situation. In some cases, they may mean nothing and be explained by the most unexpected reasons, but if there are several of them, then you should not deceive yourself further.

Acquaintance with relatives

This is very important, and it is a very good sign for Russian brides looking for Indian grooms. It is acquaintance, not promises to meet, the implementation of which is hindered by all sorts of different unforeseen circumstances. If the groom doesn’t want to introduce you to your family in any way or has introduced you, but not as a potential bride, then things are bad. Either his wife already lives in the family, or the family does not approve of a marriage with a foreigner, or the groom himself is not going to marry the bride.

Humble, respectful attitude

At least, if the groom behaves politely for a considerable period, this indicates good manners of the Indian and a serious attitude to the woman. Indians’ favorite phrases from the “you are so hot” series speak only about one thing – it’s time to run away from him. Of course, not when you want a non-binding novel or empty flirting on the net. It’s just worth throwing thoughts of a wedding dress out of your head. Even if all Russian men around behave in exactly the same way, you must always remember that the Indians have a different culture.

The important thing to understand what the groom wants from Russian brides looking for Indian grooms is to ask yourself honestly the question about harmonious

Full communication

 Does the groom show interest in discussing a wide variety of topics? If a woman regularly communicates with an Indian on the net, but the dialogue revolves mainly around love and plans for a joint life, most likely, he simply hits the target, and does not sincerely enjoy communicating with you. If Indian talks a lot about himself, shares, consults, complains, that’s good. But still not enough. About themselves beloved, they like to talk with everyone. It is important that he is interested in the life of the future wife, too.

Typical Indian girl behavior

If the Russian bride matches the concept of a good girl in India in spirit and manners, she already has a better chance of marrying an Indian. If she smokes, drinks alcohol, dresses very openly or behaves cheekily (by the standards of India, since for Russia this behavior and clothes can be quite normal), but this does not bother her chosen one, does not bother, so he doesn’t care. This is a bad sign. In 80%, a serious Indian with such a girl will not start a relationship. In 10% – will correct it. And in another 10% it is normal for such things, since it is Europeanized.

In which case, the Russian brides looking for Indian grooms should be wary

If an Indian is interested in the bride’s relatives, her profession, income, and so on, then one should not immediately conclude that he has only selfish motives. In India, marriage is a bargain. In addition, he thinks about her for sure. Is there love here – another question. Be careful with the following signals:

  • If you communicate on the Internet / phone, burning with love for each other, but periodically the groom somewhere disappears for several days, not letting you know. It looks like the behavior of a typical Indian online Casanova. Having fun when there is time and when there is something to do, he doesn’t really think about you.
  • If the Indian is poor. It probably doesn’t sound politically correct, but in this case, this fact in itself is a bad sign. Especially if he is also not very educated. Most marriages happen to Indians from wealthy, cultured families. Often with the poor, either marriage does not occur, or it happens by rough calculation.
  • If an Indian asks for gifts or money. It seems to be so obvious that it’s even stupid to write. Nevertheless, there are many girls continue to take noodles for sincerity and look for the pros in the mountain of minuses!

The most important thing to understand what the groom wants is to ask yourself honestly the question: are you an objectively harmonious couple? It is always useful to look critically from the side both at yourself and at him. Unfortunately, in practice this is difficult. The girls continue to believe, no matter what…

Acquaintance with relatives is very important, and it is a very good sign for Russian brides looking for Indian grooms

In India, it is extremely difficult to get intimate relationships outside of marriage. Therefore, Western tourists with free morals are a very tidbit of an Indian day. He is also a man. He does not see you, your soul. Often, appearance is not important. He needs at least someone to tuck in the bed. Any woman.

The Indian is ready to write huge letters, call the girl all day and sit for hours on Skype. Well, he definitely loves, otherwise he won’t spend so much time – the Russian bride thinks. What a rogue Indian has is time. This is his job, and he will chat as much as necessary to keep the woman’s attention tight.

Most Indians traveling in the tourism industry dream of leaving for a richer country to earn money. For this, they are ready, including for an official wedding. In Europe or Russia, you can hang out well, save up money, or trick a richer and more beautiful bride. At the same time, the planned move may look like not desired.

Relationship features in India

In India, any manifestation of tenderness and sympathy is prohibited. It’s not customary to hug and kiss in public. So, even passers-by and outside observers can react quite sharply if a girl and a boy walk holding hands, sit pretty close together on a bench, sit in an embrace or start kissing without hesitation to passers-by. For this they can even be arrested for up to three months – such a public display of feelings in India is punishable by law and only occasionally the marriage certificate can serve as an excuse – often it is not taken into account by the courts of India.

Russian brides looking for Indian grooms should be wary If an Indian is interested in the bride’s relatives, her profession and income.

How do parents relate to the Russian bride

Parents, depending on their social status and religion, can respond to a foreign daughter in law in completely different ways. They can easily accept her, show curiosity and express her astonished admiration or tell the girl that she needs to learn a lot about the culture of India and that she does not know anything about how to survive in India after the conditions to which she is accustomed in her homeland and that she’s unlikely to ever get used to it at all. An open expression of dissatisfaction with the choice of a son is also possible if they had other plans, which will be expressed in quiet curses or screams and scandals.

It is worth noting that even the affidavit signed by the parents (consent to the wedding of their son) is not yet proof that the bride will be received with open arms. In addition, depending on how conservative the views of the parents of the future husband are, it is possible that the girl will have to cover her head with pala (embroidered part of the sari) or dupata (a long scarf, usually part of the salwar of kamiz or churidar) even in the house.