Among all regions in Canada, Okanagan Valley atmosphere is the most seductive. The lake view and local wine promise the unforgettable moments with locals and single tourists, all year round.

  • Easy to reach from the US. You can either take your US hookup with you, or find a new one among the tourists when you arrive. The mentality is close to American thinking too.
  • Luxury life spots. If you’re about to spend a fortune on girls or to take a chance with rich women, try Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa. You’ll definitely find it very thrilling.
  • Instagrammable beauty all around. Make your friends jealous by taking photos and selfies in Okanagan, preferably with hot singles surrounding you on every step.
  • Top wineries and whiskey bars. No other place in British Columbia can offer such a big quantity of homemade drinks, and the alcohol plays an important role in seduction. On best hookup now you can meet very much Russian women.
  • Water sports are a must. How to attract sporty and sexy singles if not by inviting them to do water activities? The lake in Okanagan Valley is just perfect for that.

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